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Nike Free 5.0+ Sort HE went to exceptional lengths to conceal himself from the public, Covering his face with balaclavas and neckwarmers and nausea his arms as he walked into court past the crush of media. But disgraced hockey coach Graham James couldn't hide from you as he was checked into Stony Mountain Institution this week to begin serving a twoyear prison sentence for sexually abusing two former hockey players. Steve, 59, Was put through a normal checkin routine, With a mandatory mug shot. The Free Press has obtained a selective copy of the photo, Sega's taken on Thursday and shows James wearing the same suit he had on in court two days earlier. It also reveals how James' appearance has changed quickly from the puffy, Heavyset man who used to be the toast of junior hockey in Canada. Nike Free 5.0+ Sort Many were annoyed James kept his face hidden, Most notably victims Theoren Fleury and Todd Holt. Both used their Twitter accounts this week to post messages from people who questioned the sincerity of James' remorse because he cowered for cover when attending court during sentencing submissions last month and again for the conclusion on Tuesday. Others demanded Canadians be capable of seeing what the convicted child predator now looks like. Prison photos are not normally released to everyone, Unless police are looking for a wanted fugitive or are issuing a community warning about a convicted offender who is being released. It's likely James would be the topic of such a release when he is released from prison and likely resumes living in Montreal. Defence lawyer Evan Roitenberg claims James has been the topic of several threats and has ongoing concerns about his safety. He is expected to remain in protective custody at Stony Mountain but may be used minimumsecurity Rockwood in the coming months, A justice source told will Press on Friday. Nike Free 5.0+ Dame James is entitled to day parole in September, When he have served six months. He's eligible for full parole when he serves onethird of the sentence in November. If rejected then, He would qualify for statutory release after serving twothirds of his sentence by July 2013. Manitoba justice officials are still reviewing calling appeal the sentence. The Crown sought a sixyear sentence in your essay, While the defence had asked for a residential district sentence.