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New Balance 580 Pink Attorney Joe Amendola said he has not received a presentence report for Sandusky from the county court system and the defense has not decided whether to contest a third party tip that the 68yearold be declared a sexually violent predator under Pennsylvania's Megan's Law, Which would subject him to stringent reporting benchmarks if he's released on parole. ''The reality is Jerry could get a sentence, Which will, If it's not solved on appeal, Is to be tantamount to a life sentence,'' Amendola talked about. Sandusky, Who retains his innocence, Admitting he showered with boys but saying he never molested them, Regrets not taking witness stand to dispute the claims of several young men who accused him of abuse, Amendola believed. New Balance 580 Womens Pink ''He engages in now,'' Amendola wanted to say. ''What do it is said about Monday morning? 2020?'' Amendola had endorsed in his opening statement to the jury that Sandusky might testify. Amendola said he continues to warn Sandusky about plans to make a statement at sentencing to Judge John Cleland because going into specifics could return to haunt him if he eventually gets a new trial. A tape of an interview Sandusky gave to NBC soon there after his November arrest was played to jurors at his trial. In the job interview, Sandusky said he's not sexually interested in young boys and shouldn't have showered with them. Amendola said anything Sandusky says may used against him and he has talked to Sandusky ''about being cautious.'' Pennsylvania criminal defendants generally are sentenced within ninety days of conviction, But that can be extended under specific situations, And Amendola said the defense needs more time to evaluate whether to contest the proposition that Sandusky be deemed a sexually violent predator. New Balance 580 Womens He explained the sentencing for Sandusky, Who was found guilty in late June, Is ''looking more and more like it will be October,'' based on ''the indisputable incontrovertible reality we haven't gotten a date, And it's the 5th of sept.'' Asked about reports that Sandusky ran a book while incarcerated, Amendola said it was more like a long version of Sandusky's account that could be helpful to other lawyers during any appeals process. Amendola has begun work on posttrial motions that is not filed until after sentencing. He said Sandusky will have 10 days to file postsentencing motions and the judge may possibly four or five months to rule on them. If Sandusky loses those endeavors, He would then have a month to file an get Superior Court. A core drawback, Amendola wanted to say, Remains whether Sandusky did not get a fair trial the particular judge denied his efforts to delay it. He said the day Sandusky first was charged in November he was shocked to learn there were several or two people prosecutors said were victims there were eight, With two more added in a second set of charges to come in December. ''I remained in a moral dilemma: Do I leave out him, As well?'' known Amendola, Who acknowledged he isn't sure he'll still be addressing Sandusky in an appeal process. Sandusky remains in an isolated unit with 10 or 15 other inmates in the middle County jail. Most fellow inmates seems to be ''very nice to him,'' Amendola replied, But one engaged in what the lawyer referred to as ''mouthing off to him one night.'' ''Jerry says these are very sympathetic,'' Amendola considered. ''As a point in fact, A few of them have said they're innocent, That.'' Amendola said Sandusky's potential customers have included his wife, Family best family, Former players and former individuals in his charity, The Second kilometer. He declined in order to the players, And a message left for the jail warden wasn't instantaneously returned.